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Brand Story

Brand Story

We create subsidiary brand - Aurora in 2018, Crystal lighting brand AURORA has inherited the hundred-year Swedish crystal techniques. Every item of AURORA illustrates the founder’s pursuit in the texture of light and manual crystal techniques. Being the brand co-created with SUOYOUNG in 2018, AURORA is the only domestic lighting brand with the integration of a handmade artistic crystal studio and a lighting R&D and production base.

AURORA design features the appraisal to formal simplicity, materiality and enduring aesthetics. We’ve incorporated affectionate poetry in every design, to make lighting a form of art.

AURORA features lead-free crystals. Its independently-developed crystal formula has high requirements for electric melting process. It is a new environmental product formula with enormous market potentials and high added values. The self-developed NO. RBH3 formula has greatly improved the density and refractivity of crystals, and promoted the ornamental value and artistic value of the products.

Handcraft & Endless Perfection - AURORA is a crystal studio faithful to traditional handicraft and endless pursuit of design innovation. AURORA has an independent R&D team and an exclusive R&D and manufacturing base for lighting products. AURORA is the only domestic brand featuring R&D and manufacturing of both crystal and lighting products.